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'Eye for detail is eye for the unique' (C. Verhoeven)

Quality is difficult to describe, it is something you have to experience. It is more than supplying strong products that do exactly what they are made for; they are light, stylish and solid, but most of all very user friendly. Quality also means a good service and shipping the right products in accordance with accurate planning.

Promic supplies mobile presentation systems. A wholesale business that not only thinks in forms of standard possibilities, but also keeps working on product development and expansion of its offer, now and in the future.

Quality, service and a competitive price have been Promic's top priority for more than 10 years. A reliable partner, operating in 37 European countries; THE address for one-stop-shopping.

As of January 2020, Promic and our sister company Jansen Display are joining forces under a new name: Showdown Displays Europe. Find more information here or contact us directly.

Our team

  • Promic is better described as "we". We are a strong team and focus on our service and customer-friendliness. Service is work of man, so we listen to our customers and adjust our products and services if necessary.

    Want to know more? Please meet us, and meet the people behind Promic.

  • Lieke Derks Regional Sales
    Director Southern Europe
  • Arjan Baten Regional Sales
    Director Central Europe
  • Lex de Hondt Regional Sales
    Director Northern Europe
  • Rob Wijnen Vice President
    of Sales
  • Olea Abou Territory Sales Manager
  • Inge Schers Territory Sales Manager
  • Paulo Rodrigues Lopes Territory Sales Manager
    Spain & Portugal
  • Gonnie Arts Territory Sales Manager
    South West Germany
  • Tom Derison Territory Sales Manager
    West Germany
  • Özgür Akdogan Territory Sales Manager
    North East Germany
  • Yvette Ben Salem Territory Sales Manager
    North France, Wallonia
    & Luxembourg
  • Lonneke Wilbrink Customer Care
  • Wendy Roumane Customer Care
  • Quini Baljet Inside Sales
  • Benito Tonnaer Inside Sales
  • Judith Cals Inside Sales
  • Brandon Fraiquin Inside Sales
  • Loes Bongers Customer Care
  • Minke Vlekken Customer Care
  • Katja Puts Customer Care
  • Aimée Gevers HR Manager
  • Noortje Cox HR Assistant &
    Corporate Recruiter
  • Josetta Wijnhoven Teamleader Finance
  • Jeanny Abrahams Financial Administrator
  • Leonie Timmermans Junior Controller
  • Gino Ewalds Financial Administrator
  • Loes Heintges Director of
  • Loes Jacobs Marketing &
    Communication Specialist
  • Celina Pustjens Visual Content Creator
  • Monique Zasada Event Manager
  • Peter Verheggen Senior Purchaser
  • Xiaowen Zhou Buyer
  • Thijs Lenders Material Planner
  • Alexander Vercoelen Product Specialist
  • Rolf Christiaens Warehouse Manager
  • Martien van der Putten Teamleader Warehouse
  • Thijs van de Put Operations Support Employee
  • Tom Sillekens Teamleader Warehouse
  • Magda Ligman Warehouse Employee
  • Ivka Yovova Allround Warehouse Employee
  • Ruviëlton Raap Operations Support Employee
  • Erik Rutjens Warehouse Employee
  • Paul Lenders Teamleader Warehouse
  • Ries Vlekken Warehouse Employee
  • Joeri Keulen Warehouse Employee
  • Jimmy Naus Warehouse Employee
  • Roy Willems Warehouse Employee
  • Rob Vereijken Vice President of
    IT and Process
  • Henk Wetemans Application Engineer
  • Iris Trepels Business &
    IT Specialist
  • Jeroen Tubée Business &
    IT Specialist
  • Robbin Kees Business Performance
  • Vit Zajícek President